IndiaMART Supports Citizen-Driven Initiative To Clean Yamuna

India Digital review

Online B2B marketplace is supporting Meri Delhi Meri Yamuna (MDMY), a social campaign launched under The Art of Living initiative to clean up the river Yamuna before the Commonwealth Games. According to IndiaMART, the company is promoting the initiative across its network, and its management and employees are taking part in the clean-up drive.

The importance of Yamuna can be understood by the fact that the residents of Delhi are dependent on the river for more than 60 per cent of their water consumption. It is estimated that more than half of 3.6 billion tonnes of sewerage produced in Delhi everyday flows into Yamuna untreated. The Centre for Science and Environment, which regularly monitors the quality of Yamuna water, maintains that between 75 and 80 per cent of the river’s pollution is the result of raw untreated sewage.

Dinesh Agarwal, founder and CEO,, has said, “Almost all great cities and civilizations across the world are nestled around great rivers be it Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, New York or London. Delhi citizens too have a great river, but sadly we have stopped caring for it. It’s time we show our pride in this national treasure before we lose it forever.”