begins to place ads of its own

The Economic Times,

This world leader in B2B appoints Quasar as its buying agency, say Pallavee Dhaundiyal Panthry and Debasish Roy. This could be the second phase for its brand building spree, one of the country’s largest online B2B company, has appointed Quasar as its digital agency on record. It will be responsible for IndiaMART’s digital marketing campaigns, media planning and media buying.

Questions posed at Deven Dharamdasani:

1) What is the mandate for media buying for IndiaMART’s marketing budget? We have partnered with IndiaMART as their consultant / agency on Record for their Digital business and as discussed in one of our marketing discussion with them we have come to a conclusion that we will explore all the digital marketing tools on time to time basis, keeping in mind the end business goals. There is no such mandate that how we have to allocate monies on different lines but yes what we agreed on is we will discuss mutually and explore all business possible in digital.

2) How do you propose to build up the brand further, which has been till now built by Dinesh Agarwal’s (Founder & CEO) presence in forums and his public speaking? I would like to admit the way had build the brand it is clearly an achievement and without Dinesh Agarwal and team vision, it is not possible to achieve. We are going to build the brand on all aspects of digital marketing like Display advertising which is Rediff and yahoo’s of the world, search engine marketing, social media which is the most important tool for them to build the brand globally as most of their relevant audience is already consuming the platform and not to forget the mobile marketing which is the latest buzz word of the industry. We have interacted deeply with their marketing team led by Saurav Sen and Arun Tyagi who have shared their vision that now the brand needs the global presence and we all together as one team have to build the brand internationally and continue the way we are holding the India market.

3) What value does Quasar bring to the table? Quasar has the expertise on all the above business line. From the day one, when we started we have focused on digital and partnered with clients like MakeMyTrip / Reuters India / General Motors / Apollo DKV / / Microsoft India etc etc who have the potential to be evolved digital players and today they all are the strongest in the digital media. We already had so much of experience on running the business on above mentioned advertising platforms that IndiaMART .com will get the advantage of partnering with Quasar. Although it’s been a month that we started our relationship with but we have seen that one of the strong things is the way they buy the media on different platforms and Quasar being one of the strongest players in Digital who buys lot of media and control the decent market share will give the advantage to and shall provide the best quotes.

4) What value do you bring to the table? Our team represent the department focused of services and solutions to the e-business vertical and with our experience of handling brands like MakeMyTrip / Reuters India / Zapak / Indiatimes Shopping etc, we clearly understand at what stage we have to give them understanding of utilizing the different platforms of digital media. Today they have been utilizing the Ad networks effectively and given the brand necessary reach which is required at the early stage of building the brand on digital, but now they are very evolved digital players and this is the right time for them to explore together Display Advertising / Social media and Search Engine Marketing. Although all tools which we will use, will having different marketing objective but it’s a necessity for the brand to build across all platforms as their end users are available across Internet and it is difficult to figure it out what they are consuming and when, and needless to say that their end users are available on internet. begins to place ads of its own