Are E-marketplaces Finished?

September 2001,

Most electronic marketplaces failed to hit the critical mass. Fragile financials barely keep the survivors dead in the water. Will they be blown away or is there value to be salvaged?

Only fears of global recession took the attention of the dotcom carnage. And it looks like the worst is isn’t over yet. …

Business Basics

“It is all about buyer seller liquidity. There are hardly two or three players in India who have a decent number of buyers and sellers with them,” says CEO Dinesh Agarwal….

A number of external factors too hinder business in the exchanges. According to Indiamart’s Agarwal,” Requirements of business such as payment, trust and security are not synonymous with the internet as of now due to external factors such as banking, government, telecom and other infrastructural issues, which are bound to take their own time. This has put Indian exchanges at a disadvantage against their highly developed international counterparts.” The banking infrastructure in India does not support online B-to-B transactions that are of high value and involve inter bank/cross border transfers….