Encyclopaedia Britannica’s eighth BIG award goes to www.indiantravelportal.com


BRITANNICA.COM INC has awarded Indiantravelportal.com its eighth monthly BIG Award for excellence on the web. Nearly a 100,000 travel enthusiasts and business travelers from world over have planned their trips through the portal.

The Britannica Internet Guide (BIG) Award for ‘Overall Excellence on the Web’ is given to the website on content pertaining to India. The Jury included musician Shubha Mudgal Encyclopaedia, Britannica editor Dale Hoiberg , economist Bibek Debroy and Encyclopaedia Britannica (India) chief editor K Devereaux.

Encyclopaedia Britannica's eighth
BIG HIT: Over 1,00,000 travelers have used http://www.indiantravelportal.com to plan their Indian trips

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