Cyber Guru

HT City,

Dinesh Best Sites1. – It is American news channel CNN’s official site. I find it to be the most reliable for international news, and timely too.

2. – This is an old Hindi songs site, where almost all the olden goldies are accessible Besides, the navigation on the site is good.

3. – In my opinion is the best site for website designs, especially the technical side of web designing.

4. – This is the only Indian site that has the most comprehensive information on Indian the auto industry.

5. – An interesting site with excellent graphics.

6. – Possibly the best in greetings that I’ve seen so far.

7. – This is MTNL’s portal site. They are making the best use of web technology. MTNL covered World Cup Cricket and the Elections and – 11 lakh hits a day. They even covered the DU admissions last year.

8. – This is Cartier’s official website – and its design is par excellence, I’d say a good mix of technology and creative appeal. Needless to say it’s a site that caters specifically to brand boosting.

9. – This is the website from which interactive games like virtual bowling etc. can be downloaded.

10. – This is James Bond’s official site. I like the way the site’s been presented. I am an ardent fan of Bond movies and this site is a gateway to all his films.