13th Lok Sabha Elections info available on-line at www.indian-elections.com

August 10, 1999: India is going to polls once again, and in the 13th Lok Sabha elections the stakes are high. On the occasion all eyes, not only from India but from people across the globe, will turn to Indian electoral scene after the Kargil dispute and Indian economy moving faster than ever before. IndiaMART.com, would bring these hot and closely watched elections on the Net on its new site— www.indian-elections.com dedicated to the forthcoming polls.

The elections will be extensively covered with hourly election-news updates on each constituency. The web-site, compiled and managed by a panel of experts is predestined to be the most comprehensive site on elections and will cover a range of topics including news, views, previews and reviews on the last election of the millenium.

Intending to be informative and comprehensive, the site will cover all aspects of the elections including Party Profiles of national and leading state-level parties, Party Manifestos— giving highlights of the National parties’ agenda for the country, detailed profiles of the major political leaders who are likely to make waves in the forthcoming elections in ‘Key Contenders’ section, Party Alliances – who allied with whom, and why; factors in success of alliances, with updations on any movements as the action begins.

Other interesting features on the site will be Opinion Polls inviting visitors to indicate their views on issues crucial in Indian political and electoral scenario. The poll results will be displayed simultaneously as well as in the archives. The site will also host an account of the 1998 Elections, covering results from each constituencies and other major issues and happenings.

A special editorial section- Moot Points contains articles on issues related to the elections. Before the action begins, the site will compile views and analysis from experts on issues crucial to the elections. A lighter side to the elections is provided through regularly updated cartoons.

Once the polling is on, regular features from leading journalists and media experts will be displayed with an interactive feedback facility from visitors.

The counting would be extensively covered with real-time coverage of elections results from all 543 Indian constituencies. Besides, the visitors will be kept abreast with the news-events and round-the-clock coverage of news on the site. The archives section would help the visitor keep track of the developments that shape the event.

For people interested in receiving briefs on the event, the web-site provides the facility of free subscription to their ‘Weekly Newsletter’, which will be circulated through e-mails. This Newsletter will contain the election news updates, news analysis, views, cartoons and editorials.

Another star attraction will be the Discussion Board on Elections which offers visitors to share and discuss matters regarding their areas of interests, experiences, etc. This open forum provides a platform for people from across the globe to debate on the on the issues governing the election and voice their opinion. A retrospect of the ’98 elections would feature the major victories and upsets, candidates fielded, alliances, main issues and poll statistics.

IndiaMART.com, has already made its mark in on-line business through its sub-sites on travel, handicraft, finance, apparel, healthcare & news. Its clientele include major corporates like- MTNL, Nirula’s, Jindal Steel, National Panasonic, Apollo Hospitals Eureka Forbes, Le Meridian and IRCON International.

The site, which is expected to receive more than 2,00,000 hits everyday once the elections are on, will add another feather to IndiaMART.com, after the success of cricket.bol.net.in covering World Cup’99 on-line for MTNL. Indian political history is to be written on the Net, and the opportunity for brands is immense through such a site.