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Kranti Chaturvedi, July 28 , 2020

It’s a perfect business app and is very helpful for business growth. I recommend this platform to all the businesses.

Amit Thakker, July 15 , 2020

Very helpful and easy to use platform. Helped me to connect with relevant buyers easily.

Nida Raen, June 22 , 2020

Awesome application !!! Nice interface and easy to use. I have got many buyer leads after listing products.

Shakeel Ahamed, June 8 , 2020

Good initiative to bridge the gap between seller and buyer. And Reliable.

Sivakumar Manickam, May 27 , 2020

This is a really good app for new businesses. We can advertise freely.

Kishore Motiwala, May 13 , 2020

It is a really good B2B platform for business owners who wants to go digital.

Shri Guru kripa Engineering Works, April 22 , 2020

Best selling app for manufacturers & seller. No need of any ads, of any seo just sit and talk with buyers easily and explain your product ☺☺..

Mr. Manoranjan Pradhan, April 10 , 2020

An excellent platform for both buyers and sellers. Everyone should try it.

Mr. Sachin Raina, March 30 , 2020

App is good. Great response by support team. They’re reaching out to every user to resolve issues.

Mr. Chamunda Engg Work Prakash, March 6 , 2020

Very useful aap for all type of business it’s really helpful 👌👌👍👍.

Mr. Baljeet Singh Virdi, February 18 , 2020

Excellent App to Promote Business online with excellent support.

Mr. Er.Vinod Gautam, February 2 , 2020

It’s a very useful platform to find out everything at very good prices.

Mr. Kugan Dakshina, January 18 , 2020

Very good app….all in one thump finger.

Mr. Shiva Sharma, January 5 , 2020

Nice application to deal in several fields from one platform. Everything is not only good, it’s just too good. The best of all is customer satisfaction.

Mr. Mukesh.f Dobariya, December 19 , 2019

Very good app for online selling.

Mr. Dsuresh kumar, December 3 , 2019

Best platform.

Mr. Parveen Arora, November 13 , 2019

Best app for growing and developing business.

Mr. Pramod Mahajan, November 12 , 2019

User friendly, valuable app,superb customer support.

Mr. Sriram p, October 26 , 2019

Rare to find everything in a single platform ; commendable effort by the IndiaMart team.

Ms. Amrik Singh, October 15 , 2019

This is great app. This has helped me find every thing in this app.This is a useful app to find distributor of all building material.This app is very useful to new buisnessmen those want to start his buisness.This is a my personnel view basis my experience.Thanx India Mart..

Ms. Banbari Kumar, September 20 , 2019

Good responce from customer service.

Mr. Mohd Sufiyaan, September 2 , 2019

Very Good service and support

Mr. Ashok Reddy, August 8, 2019

Excellent app for new business bigenner which type of business they want to do.

Mr. Enauld Acary, July 11, 2019

I am very satisfied with the service and share it with others friend.

Mr. Indra Kumar Mdr, June 21, 2019

Very helpful for small business.

Mr. Ezabul Haque, May 10, 2019

Very good and supportive app.

Mr. Ezabul Haque, May 10, 2019

Very good and supportive app.

Ms. Premalatha S, April 23, 2019

Very usefull for us for developing the business.

Mr. Irfan Raja, April 15, 2019

Very responsive and friendly.

Ms. Ruchika Singh, March 30, 2019

Good app to increase business.

Ms. Sonam Verma, March 15, 2019

Gud app. For online business.

Mr. Sunil Kumar, February 10, 2019

It’s verry good and their approaching performance also very good 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂.

Mr. Sumit mohapatro, January 28, 2019

Very much helpful to improve the bussines.

Mr. Uttam Ahir, January 16, 2019

Amazing app for business owners.

Mr. Sreekanth Erragonda, December 27, 2018

Wonderful service. I am using this for one month, and I am satisfied with IndiaMART’s service a lot. I am getting good inquiries and the conversion ratio is also good.

Mr. Zaheer Khan, January 01, 2019

Indiamart is the only option to grow your business, and their app is one of the best apps for the business.

Mr. Saravana Murthy, December 27, 2018

My growth is from IndiaMART. IndiaMART has helped me a lot in growing my business. Thanks IndiaMART.

Mr. Firaz Thakur, December 19, 2018

Awesome experience, and genuine buyers. A perfect place for selling goods and services. Recommendable for others.

IndiaMART App User, December 27, 2018

Sach me jo kaam kahin nahi bantaa woh yahan bantaa hai.

IndiaMART App User, December 23, 2018

A very good app. I started my new business with the help of IndiaMART. So really thankful to IndiaMART.

Mr. Siddhartha Sankar Biswas, Oct 22, 2018

I set up my total business by using this App. Benefits of this App for a new business person can’t be said in words. It helps both the buyer and seller where both of us don’t know each other.

Mr. Dhaval Kargathra, Oct 20, 2018

It is the best platform for doing business. Get priority on Google search via IndiaMART listing. Easy to edit and update your products any time. Very user friendly interface. It was beneficial for me as new business I made more than I pay to them.

IndiaMART App User, Oct 20, 2018

This is a very very good app actually. I am a manufacturer of copper utensils in Moradabad. Mujhe yaha se bahut help mili hain apne business ko bada karne mein.

Ms. Zaheen Shashwat, Aug 27, 2018

So far this has been the most helpful app to me. It got my work done. Customer care is good and they contact you personally which makes things a lot easier. I hope they will continue to provide such services in future also and is not limited for newcomers only .

Mr. Rajiv Chaturvedi, Aug 27, 2018

My maximum buyer work have been completed on this side, at an economic rate. Thanks IndiaMART.

Mr. Maayu Shah, Aug 30, 2018

Superb platform to connect Buyer & Seller which promote our business by way of strong tool of Digital Technology.

Rout’s Clubz, Aug 31, 2018

Amazing App. Helped me a lot for my makeup business. Love the app and thank you so much for being my partner. Love you Love you Love you.

Mr. Yogendra Kumar, Aug 25, 2018

IndiaMART is best platform for business improvement.

IndiaMART App User, Aug 15, 2018

Good app to contact buyers globally. Being in sales for the last 25 years, I am using IndiaMART for almost 12 years.

Mr. Shashi Bhushan, July 26, 2018

इडिया मार्ट भारतीय व्यापार जगत का एक बेहतरीन प्लेटफॉर्म है आईए यहाँ जुड़ कर अपने व्यापार को नई उचाईयों पर ले जाए ।

Mr. Vishwath Pratap Singh Rathore, July 27, 2018

Awesome app. IndiaMART app is beneficial for your business and with this app my firm, which is related to Makrana marble, I have benefited a lot. I can now directly contact Buyer, and give Buyer home delivery if they guarantee payment.

Mr. Vishwath Pratap Singh Rathore, July 27, 2018

Awesome app. IndiaMART app is beneficial for your business and with this app my firm, which is related to Makrana marble, I have benefited a lot. I can now directly contact Buyer, and give Buyer home delivery if they guarantee payment.

Ms. Sonal Kumar, May 10, 2018

It’s actually helpful. Didn’t expect so much of transparency. Thanks a lot & thank you Saurav Bhagat (Delhi) for your clear explanation about IndiaMART.

Mr. Faiaz Ahmed, Feb 25, 2018

Business at one’s finger tips.

Ms. Mumtaz Ali, Feb 24, 2018

IndiaMart is the only Distributor/Wholesaler App which provides the online wholesaler community an opportunity to work sitting at home… I love IndiaMart!

Mr. Umar Bhat, Feb 25, 2018

I can only say that this is the best for the business. This has given my business new lights and I have attained new heights. Besides that my overall profit has increased by 60% by this useful tool. Tons of thanks for the developers.

Mr. Nizam Saifi, December 28, 2017

IndiaMART is very good app business development mai bahut help mil rahi hai maine socha bhi nahi tha itni asani se business development ho sakta hai. Thanks indiaMART.

Mr. Nizam Saifi, December 28, 2017

IndiaMART is very good app business development mai bahut help mil rahi hai maine socha bhi nahi tha itni asani se business development ho sakta hai. Thanks indiaMART.

Mr. Aman Jain, December 24, 2017

IndiaMART has got me a lot of business without even opting and spending for their Buy leads.

Mr. Manoj Nalwa, Replica Gold Bangles, October 22, 2017

I am very happy with the payout process of Pay with IndiaMART as I received the payment instantly in my account on a day like Diwali. I know no bank or payment service which would do the payout like this.

Mr. Amol Chaudhari, August 30, 2017

Amazing App. This app gives a platform for business growth.

Mr. Harish A, August 29, 2017

Very nice platform. I have used many enquiries with this App.

Mr. Manish Arora, Frappel Trade House LLP August 1, 2017

IndiaMART PayX is a secured platform to use as it aims to provide a safe payment service for all parties engaged in National trade. It provides payment security to both buyers & suppliers. I have been using this service repeatedly now, so I my trust has increased in IndiaMART.

Mr. Atherullah Khan July 29, 2017

Great Platform. This app is very useful to us for daily use for branded items and this provides a good service for customers.

Adithya Exports July 27, 2017

This app is useful for all small traders and all businesses. 

Mr. Husain Zamin July 20, 2017

I am a portrait maker. IndiaMART helped me much without charging me anything and sent me SMSes and emails of buyers enquiring to make portraits like Pooja from Dwarka and Vaishnavi from Luckhnow. Thanks IndiaMART!

Mr. Vivek Kumar Mishra, Gargi Sports Enterprises

We have been with IndiaMART for around 3-4 months and have been receiving 50-60 enquiries daily. Although I have expanded my business to Delhi NCR and Nepal. Yet I am always apprehensive about dealing with buyers from different states because there is always a risk of payments. Recently, we got to know about IndiaMART PayX. It is a great service because now I can do business with confidence. I have tried it and I recommend it to everyone. Watch the video here

Mr. Manish Patel  24 June, 2017

The platform is very helpful for Startup business.

Mr. Mudassir Anees  23 June, 2017

IndiaMART provides good network & genuine leads.

Mr. MOHD SAQIB  23 June, 2017

This app is helpful for our business. We can easily see growth in our business by this app.

 Mr. Peeyush Gupta  24 June, 2017

Actually changing the way India Trades. Really a Boss, what a start-up!

 Mr. Vishal Bhagwani 20 September, 2016

Very Good for Small Traders Daily 3-5 Enquiries. Genuine Buyers. Good for new Traders. Any item can be sold.

Mr. Harish Dandve 31 August, 2016

There are several web portals that connect buyers with sellers. Indiamart is a personal favorite. It gives you a pretty good idea about what kind of demand is available for your product, which is an important parametre. These online trading sites also allow farmers like us to bypass traders and keep a full percentage due to direct sales. List out prospective buyers, use your phone, call them, don’t sound desperate (I know, it’s hard) and work towards the initial order. Once you land that, it’s all about maintaining quality and supply. The only disadvantage to ‘online farming lessons’ is you have to weed out the hoaxes — and enough practice should give you that ability.

Mr. Aditya Shrivastava 15 August, 2016

New (PALM) Generation Comes.. One of the most fastest mobile app in recent days, very easy to access & most useful for the business people.. . ☆☆☆☆☆ →→Excellent

Mr. Firoj Shah, 10 May, 2016

Starting my new Business. Good help, best guidance BY IndiaMART & team. THANKS INDIAMART.

Mr. Mohammed K. Ansari, 01 May, 2016

IndiaMART has enabled me to sell all over India. Great Platform. Now My Company Is Online and cannot be thankful enough to IndiaMART for this. I am Really Happy.

Mr. Mikul Kalita, 22 April, 2016

Love It Good platform for small industries, suppliers, wholesalers and small businesses to meet at a single platform.

Mr. Rajesh Gupta, 09 April, 2016

IndiaMART is India’s best marketplace. It provides all big and small machines and electronics for the growth of my business. Thanks Indiamart.

Mr.V Subbu, Managing Partner– Kaps Tyre & Tube Repairs LLP, 01 April, 2016

You have taken India to the World and made us all Proud.

Ms. Priti Shaw, CEO– Rajyashree Jute Udyog, 01 April, 2016

Really you and your team did a great job. In one year we have achieved great success.

Please be with us, together we will spread the name of India in the whole world.

Once again we must say loudly: “KAAM YAHAN BANTA HAI

Mr. Jitendra, CEO– EcolAgro venture, 06 October, 2015

The kind of support your team provides is marvellous. They are always available even for little problems. When ever I face any problem and require any guidance I get immediate support.

Mr. Hari Kulkarni, CEO– Pratham Enterprises, 02 October, 2015

Excellent team work, excellent service, excellent planning, excellent organisation!

Mr. Arun Kumar, CEO– Spectraa Technology Solutions P Ltd, 02 October, 2015

IndiaMART has been extremely useful in our businesses. They help us in getting new contacts and clients not known otherwise on the general domain.

Mr. Kunal Agiwale, CEO– AB CUBE PRODUCTS LLP, 30 September, 2015

We AB CUBE team believe in IndiaMART because it gives business to us without any efforts, Excellent B2B leads provider in India. Happy with the service and expecting same to continue in future. Literally, IndiaMART has helped my business to stand in good position. Thanks alot to IndiaMART.

Mr. Arun Baskaran, CEO– Happy Poly Koats, 07 July, 2015

IndiaMART is a very nice platform to grow your business and they offer extremely efficient services!

Mr. Manish Timbaliya, CEO– Blue Boy Industries, 07 July, 2015

We have had a seamless experience with IndiaMART! Would definitely recommend all others to use their services.

Mr. Jitendra Modi, CEO– Sai Pharma, 10 April, 2015

Transperant, Aggressive, Authentic and Reliable!

Mr. Tarkeshwar Nath, CEO– Nutrimed Healthcare Private Limited, 07 April, 2015

Keep on providing good services. We are extremely happy and recommend others to boost the sale with IM.

Mr. Hemal Shah, CEO– Micromed International, 07 April, 2015

It is a very good service.. We highly recommend our friends and business associates to use

Rr International Marketing 08 January, 2015

We are extremely satisfied with your present activities. Please keep up the same.

Mr. Lokesh Chandra Gaur, CEO – Exclusive Oriental Rugs, 02 June, 2014

IndiaMART is working good as a search engine for industrial sector.

Mr. Swaroop, Chief Manager – Shriji Metal Enterprises, 29 May, 2014

As an old client of IndiaMART, I must say that we are very impressed with your service.

Mr. R. Balamurugan, Senior Manager, Marketing & Sales – Marshall Fowler Engineers India (P) Ltd., 23 May, 2014

We appreciate your buisness support and are really grateful to you. Once again thanks for your kind support in this regard.

Mr. Jivan Joshi, CEO – Webcon Instruments & Equipment, 09 May, 2014

Our Business has really grown after joining IndiaMART. We thank you for the excellent feedback you are giving us.

Mr. Krish Sriram – Madras Gauge Room Equipment Private Limited, 03 May, 2014

We have received good response to our business needs and I am happy to share that you are able to address the requirement within shortest possible time.

Mr. Himanshu Chothani – Gift Maker, 26 April, 2014

Thank you for your wonderful support and quick response on my catalog query. You solved it quickly as per my satisfaction. Keep up IndiaMART!

Mr. Kunal Shah – Rex Sealing & Packing Industries Pvt. Limited, 31 March, 2014

I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by IndiaMART. You have been working in excellent ways for our company and we hope the efforts will remain like this till the end. Since the engagement with IndiaMART, we have observed lots of changes and improvement in terms of response as well as service.

Mr. Sachiv Dhawan – Automotive Solutions (TM), 31 March, 2014

We are extremely happy with the support you have provided to update IndiaMART time to time, due to which customers visiting our site appreciate us and are interested in buying products from us, giving us an edge over our competitors.

Mr. Jay Panchal – Mahesh Fabricators, 24 January, 2014

We are happy to be associated with the IndiaMART portal for our business promotion.

Mr. Mohamed Ansari – S. B International, 06 December, 2013

I am really satisfied with the efforts made by your representatives, they made numerous calls to follow and help me allocate my credits into my account. Finally I have been provided exact amount of credit within one day to buy my required buy lead. Thanks to IndiaMART team.

Mr. Kamlesh Bhalodi – Kismat Engineering Works, 26 November, 2013

Thank you very much for your kind support. I am really satisfied as I have received the expected benefits from you. Looking forward to you for similar service.

Mr. Paresh Mody – Jugaldas Damodar Mody Company, 12 September, 2013

The response and resolution time of my complaint from IndiaMART customer care department was very prompt. I am satisfied. Kindly keep the same attitude in future.

Mr. Nikhil. P – Techno Systems Doors Solutions Private Limited, 01 July, 2013

I have found IndiaMART to be a very professional, organised and responsible organizsation. It values and takes serious actions on client’s feedback. Keep up the good work team IndiaMART!

Mr. Mukesh Goel – Mukesh Raj & Co., 14 June, 2012

Thank you for making necessary changes in our website for promotion. You have done an excellent job on my website and helped us to promote our website on various search engines. Your response to our query is very fast. I would prefer to get my work done through you in future.

Mr. Ankit Ganatra – Attitude Inc., 29 May, 2013

We appreciate your efforts in identifying missing products and updating them on our IndiaMART page. We would also like to congratulate IndiaMART for having such an infrastructure that looks after their patron’s requirements.

Mr. Santosh Basti – SKK International, 06 April, 2013

We at M/s. SKK International wish and its team very heartfelt thanks for their support and conversion of buy leads.

We are sure of a long association with We also appreciate their indirect support for helping grow our business. We believe that is such a platform which any business can gain from it.

Ms. Akanksha Gupta – I.K.Utensils, 03 April, 2013

We thank for their support in developing my business. We received number of buy requirements which is essential in setting up a new business.