Spot Appreciation

“I experience the respect & recognition”
My experience at IndiaMART has been a rewarding one. On my every achievement, I found someone standing beside me appreciating my work and efforts. This environment of respect and recognition provided me the flexibility to manage my work along with my personal commitments. I have learnt how this can result in a work-life.

Aishwarya, Sr. Executive – Client Servicing

Appreciation is ‘The Key’ to all relationships. At IndiaMART we know that a ‘Thank you’ validates people, it makes them know they matter, it makes them feel better about themselves, and it deepens your relationship.

Appreciation has a way of being contagious, and creating positive energy that stays with the people and the workplace. We have a culture of appreciating efforts which also helps our people to develop skills and awareness of the needs of others, and what it means to be of service and give back to the world in big and small ways.

Celebrating small achievements is the first step which leads to bigger successes. Recognizing employees and to share their daily achievements with a “Good Job” Card makes them feel valued.