Passion Clubs

“Joining the Theatre Passion Club, gave me an exposure and opportunity to groom myself. Drama helps me to grow by building my confidence and also provides the chance to interact with new individuals. The club has also given me an opportunity to relive my hobby which was otherwise not possible.
It indeed is a beautiful feeling when everyone appreciates the performance that we as a club, put up in office. I urge my colleagues to be a part of Passion Club and experience the thrill and excitement that the club has to offer.” – Ankit Soral, Member of Theatre Passion Club
So, you always thought that you will have to compromise on your passion for your profession? Well, not if you join IndiaMART! We at IndiaMART realise that your passion is as important as your profession and hence we have formed various passion clubs where you can not only pursue your passion but also develop one by acquiring new skills. Currently, we have Dance, Theatre, Music, Sports and Photography Clubs and we would love to watch you grow with your passion.