Life In Sales

“I have just purchased my first car, Amaze. It’s a gift for my father. The lucrative incentive scheme at IndiaMART has allowed me to take this step towards my dreams. I have recently visited Goa as I was one of the winners of the Go Goa contest. I have seen everything here – success, failure, appreciation, disappointment but what keeps me going is that next sale.”

Shashank Singh, Assistant Manager, New Sales Division

We have a strong new sales and customer care divisions and they form the backbone of our organisation. This is the largest team in the organisation and comprises of more than 25 per cent of our work-force.
As we like to call it, our New Sales Division is our Never Say Die team. They help us expand our reach across the country and convert every prospect in to an IndiaMART client.
Our Client Servicing Division helps us enhance the experience that we provide to our clients. They are responsible for forging a long term relationship with the clients. We are constantly looking for passionate and self-driven people to join our team.

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