Background: ExxonMobil Lubricants and Petroleum Specialties, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, world’s largest firm by market capitalization have introduced Looble, a user-friendly, online industrial-lubricant selector designed to help maintenance professionals make informed lubricant decisions for optimizing equipment performance and minimizing unplanned downtime.

Looble simplifies the lubricant selection process by providing targeted Mobil-branded product recommendations with performance ratings based upon user specific industries, applications and equipments.

Objective: ExxonMobil wanted to reach out to the vast majority of original equipment manufacturers who would require information on recommended lubricants and schematics for numerous types of equipment makes and models. ExxonMobil wanted to target automotive industry professionals in order to create a buzz around this new information system, which would lead to high brand awareness about different types of lubricants manufactured by ExxonMobil.

Solution: ExxonMobil found IndiaMART to be the perfect platform to promote Looble by way of online banner promotion, largely because of two reasons:

  1. Target Audience: IndiaMART is the largest online aggregation platform for manufacturers of automotive industry in India thus being an ideal platform to promote. Also IndiaMART is the most preferred advertising platform as it provides the facility to target specific category pages which helps to reach out to its target audience.

  2. Online Platform: Looble being an online tool found similar synergies with IndiaMART. From ExxonMobil perspective, an internet friendly user is likely to take less time to use an online application compared to a non-internet friendly user.

Banner Specification:

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  • 728×90
  • 160×300



Background: A part of the central business development at Wish Town Noida, Jaypee Chambers is a commercial office space designed by one of the world’s most renowned architectural firm – HOK of New York. With a plethora of efficient and productive offices for business needs, the commercial towers of Jaypee Chambers offer office suites of varying sizes.

Objective: As a part of its promotional plan, Jaypee Group wanted to reach out to business owners who would be the ideal buyers for these office properties. They wanted to make an informative awareness about this property to a large number of HNIs & business owners.

Solution: Jaypee used the proficient advertising platform available on IndiaMART to create a buzz among its target audience by reaching out to approximately 3.5 Lac business professionals within a period 15 days.

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Reliance Commercial Finance

Background: Reliance Capital under its bouquet of Commercial Finance Services provides SMB Loans – a reliable small business loans partner, whether for funds to manage existing manufacturing facility or to expand it. SMB loans are tailored to meet the unique requirements of more than 15 varied and promising industries. They help you take care of your every extension plan, providing financing for industrial equipments, as well as office equipments.

Objective: Reliance wanted to target SMBs from food processing, education, healthcare & automobile industry for their SMB loans. These SMB loans offering can be tailored for the individual needs of above mentioned SMB industries. Reliance also offered facilities like instant loan processing, longer tenure and flexible payment options.

Conclusion: IndiaMART SMB rich database spanning across several industry categories, including those relevant to Reliance, made it an obvious advertising tool to launch such kind of industry specific campaigns. Reliance campaign received a thumping response from this advertising campaign garnering over 10 Lac impressions and 10K clicks in a period of 60 days.

Banner Specification:

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Siemens “SOLID EDGE”

Background: Solid Edge is an industry-leading mechanical design system with exceptional tools for creating and managing 3D digital prototypes from SIEMENS. Solid Edge guides projects an error free, accurate design solution. Solid Edge modeling and assembly tools enable your engineering team to easily develop a full range of products, from single parts to assemblies containing thousands of components.

Objective: The objective of this campaign was to focus on every major industrial vertical like mechanical, hand tools, automobiles, electrical so that they can use this Siemens “SOLID EDGE” trial version for 45 days which helps in synchronizing technology and see these industries vertical can design better.

Conclusion: SIEMENS decision to choose IndiaMART as its partner to promote its newly launched product proved unquestionably correct. Having one of the largest set of Indian small and medium business present on its network; the campaign received an enormous response. So much so that SIEMENS has renewed its advertising plans acknowledging IndiaMART as its preferred partner when it comes to targeting SMEs.

Banner Specification:

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Mahindra GENIO

Background: Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., one of the leading Indian automobile companies, launched GENIO, utility vehicle aimed at fulfilling the growing transportation/logistic requirements of Indian SMEs. Built for performance, it commands the style of a utility vehicle and the comfort of a car to make transporting goods more efficient and more relaxed. With eye-catching metallic colors and an aggressive grill and bumper, the GENIO makes a statement.

Objective: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (M&M), launched the international Mahindra GENIO range of pick-up trucks to fulfill the demands in the evolved needs of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and also businessmen. There was a two fold approach & objective associated with this campaign. First objective of this campaign was to create the buzz in automobile market, specially the markets catering to small and medium enterprises. Secondly, it was a lead generation campaign as well, in which people or SMEs who were interested in the product were asked to fill a form on the landing page.

Conclusion:IndiaMART being the largest online marketplace for micro, small and medium enterprises emerged as a perfect platform for the Mahindra GENIO online advertising campaign. The campaign was live on IndiaMART home page for 30 days in the form of banner advertising. Mahindra got tremendous response from the campaign. With nearly 7 lac impressions spread across a period of 1 month the campaign received prospective sales leads for its product.

Banner Specification:

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SAP Business One Summit

Background: The SAP Business One application integrates all core business functions across your entire company – including financial, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations. Unlike many other small business solutions on the market today, SAP Business One is a single application, eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules.

Objective: SAP Business One Summit is an exclusive forum where SMEs learn how SAP applications like Business One can assist them in driving profitability at work. Through this summit, SMEs get an opportunity to interact with customers, implementation & software solution partners & SAP executives.

The venue for summit was Bangalore. And objective was to invite maximum SMEs for the event by the means of EDM campaign.

Conclusion: IndiaMART’s strong foothold & rich database of SMEs in key South Indian markets like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. made it the preferred choice to drive a ‘Mailer Invitation’ campaign. We targeted SMEs from these regions by sending them an official invitation for the event in the form of EDM (Electronic Data Mailers). It was a very successful campaign. Delegates for the event turned up in huge number crossing 100% attendance mark.


  • Total Email sent : 12000
  • Delivered Rate : 97%
  • Open Rate : 5 – 6%


And many more..