Behind the Scenes: Designing the new office of IndiaMART!

Hi there! I believe you would have already gotten used to your new office by now, BUT today you will get to know about the most exciting part of this relocation!

The team and the work that unfolded Behind the Scenes to create the new office space.  

It all started in late September 2019 when two interior designers visited our office in Sector 142 with a proposal for the new office at Sector 135. After reviewing a couple of agencies, we decided to go ahead with them. After a range of iterations and brainstorming over a period of 3 months, was the new office design conceptualized, reviewed, and implemented. Though it’s not possible to mention everything related to the project, but three incidents stood out for me that I would like to share in this blog.

Take 1: Lights (The First Site Visit at Assotech Business Cresterra)

Site photo on First Day visit

We began the initial round of discussions with the design team for the Fourth Floor i.e., the Apparel Floor. After a few site visits in October-November, we zeroed in on the measurements, the designs, and the themes for all the floors. When we first saw the site, it was nowhere close to what you see now (as seen in the pics) with pretty much everyone trying to draw an understanding of the gigantic task that we had to accomplish. It served as the first reality check of the magnitude of work that we all had to do to create a spectacular office space in the weeks to come.

With due time and support from DG and Sumit Bedi, it was all made possible not to mention the sheer sense of perfection that was brought in through their intervention.

Take 2: Camera (The Team)

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, it certainly wasn’t built by a single man or woman. For building the new office space, there were a range of people involved right from our design team that comprised of Shreya, Vee Marshall, and Sunny, Marketing team with Sumit, Rahul, Sourabh and me, the Printing team with Ashish, Admin team with Praveen, GD and Kamil, Aditi from the Category team, and with our very own DG in the driving seat, leading the entire project with his periodic reviews and vital inputs.

L-R: With the Design Printers, Design Team (Charcoal), Assotech employees

Take 3: Action (The Launch)

Everything in marketing has to be promoted and the new office launch was not going to be any less buzzworthy. With daily quizzes from ‘Guess the Design,’ ‘Fastest Fingers First,’ ‘Thoughts about your new office,’ and ‘142 Memories,’ the floors were abuzz with campaigns which got everyone thinking and participating. However, it wasn’t just the digital office launch, but the last-minute execution of the finer details like ‘Bhaiyya woh final hogaya cabin?’ to ‘Praveen ji has the printer done the last lap of designs on the 11th floor?’ It was indeed the excitement that kept all of us going.

Clockwise: Contest e-mailer, Group pic with one of the contest winners,
Day 1 early morning shot

I would like to take this opportunity to drive home a lesson that I learned from this experience, “A team is built on the principles of ‘Together Everyone Achieves More,’ and we should always strive to be better team players.”

We hope that you loved your new office design and would cherish it for years to come.

Devan Bhalla
Senior Brand Manager
Marketing Team

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