I was always inspired by technology: Dinesh Agarwal

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impact-page-150I have always been inspired by technology. During my days in the US, I was motivated by innovations such as the World Wide Web. I remember the first time I saw a colleague searching something online and I was wonder-struck by the possibility of having such vast information at just a click. It was like a Eureka moment for me and changed the course of my life.

It was then that I decided that I would do something in the same space and that was the reason we started IndiaMART.

Since then, I have always felt enthusiastic for anything inspired by technology. Whether it is the recent driverless Uber or a small SME promoting his or her products globally through online mediums like IndiaMART, I have always been eager to explore and expand the horizons of technology.

The dynamism that comes with technology is what excites me the most. With technology, there is always a scope of learning from the success and failures of the past to innovate in the future. And thus, there is always something new to get inspired from if you are inspired by technology.

– Dinesh Agarwal, CEO, IndiaMART

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