IndiaMART acknowledges the MSME impact in India by marking 1st April as Maker’s Day

Makers of India, an initiative launched as part of the celebrations to provide a leadership platform to SMEs

Marking the completion of 20 years of its mission of empowering millions of SMEs and MSMEs in doing business, IndiaMART, the largest online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers observed 1st April as Maker’s Day. To mark it as an official MSME day, IndiaMART’s brand ambassador, Irrfan Khan along with the CEO Dinesh Agarwal unveiled the online platform –, and logo for the Maker’s Day, an initiative that aligns with the company’s mission, ‘make doing business easy’.

The occasion detailed the special initiative called Makers of India as a platform for businesses and ideas. Unlike where transactions are made, the new platform will help people with ideas to grow their business. The platform shall help and nurture the budding MSME’s reach their true potential by leading them towards avenues and opportunities for growth.

Speaking on this occasion, Dinesh Agarwal, CEO and Founder, IndiaMART said, “India has witnessed tremendous evolution in its economy because of the hard work and toil of our SMEs. Unfortunately, their efforts often go unnoticed. For instance, we have been applauding the bigger brands of a particular sector which are the fronts face towards revolutionising the industry. We however, do not pay heed to the other players in the ecosystem which comprises the equipment manufacturers, the technicians, the suppliers among others. Our initiative will be an effort to recognize, nurture and support the developing businesses to drive India’s growth further.”

IndiaMART has been a pioneer in understanding the existing gap between buyers and suppliers. With an endeavor to bridge this gap, it embarked on a journey to connect them in the virtual world, thereby fuelling growth for the SMEs. In the present entrepreneurial environment, digital start-ups have become the frontrunners for driving business growth leaving the manufacturers and service providers behind. They are the primary contributors towards accelerating India’s start-up success story and “THE MAKERS OF INDIA” which is the focus of the Maker’s Day initiative by IndiaMART recognizes their efforts through this platform.

About IndiaMART
IndiaMART is India’s largest online marketplace, connecting buyers with suppliers. The company offers a platform and tools to over 14 million buyers to search from over 25.7 million products and get connected with over 1.8 million reliable and competitive suppliers. Founded in 1996, the company’s mission is ‘to make doing business, easy’. The company has over 3000 employees located across 55+ offices in the country.