Our Brand

At IndiaMART, we strive to make doing business easy for the millions of buyers and suppliers in the country. Our brand logo, promise, attributes, and mission reflect the same.

IndiaMART Logo

The IndiaMART logo symbolises ‘growth’ through relationships. A moment of connection between the customer and the provider showcasing two people reaching an agreement and making a pact. The titled elliptical shape, known as the ellipses, signifies the elliptical orbit, like the one around the sun which pulls all together, to form a relationship of trust, reliability and transparency. The thought: IndiaMART enables to fulfil all requirements by offering India’s largest marketplace where connections are made and growth is assured.

IndiaMART Brand

With IndiaMART’s brand promise- ‘Bada Aasaan Hai’ – the brand strives to bring in ease in doing business and to show how easily the offline businesses can scale themselves using an easy to use online platform.

IndiaMART’s brand promise runs across multiple layers. While it clearly states that IndiaMART as a platform is “Bada Aasaan”, which makes doing business easy, it also states that with IndiaMART it is now easier for both the buyers and the suppliers to expand their business, ‘Bada banana bhi bada aasaan hai!’. IndiaMART, with this, wants to establish itself as a brand that is synonymous to the concept of ease of use. 

IndiaMART as a brand stands for its brand attributes. The brand strives hard to curate a platform that is simple and uncomplicated, which is easily decipherable by the masses at large. IndiaMART commits to ensure the convenience of accessibility from anywhere, anytime in a hassle-free manner.

IndiaMART’s brand promise ‘Bada Aasaan Hai’ clearly resonates with the way the brand has functioned over the last two decades and is aligned with the brand’s long term mission to make doing business easy for the millions of businesses by providing them tech-enabled, easy and cost-effective solutions.