Category: Quotes & Mentions lists top 50 Indian websites

India Today Group Online New Delhi, 20 June 2000: Rediff.Com, which has been listed in the Nasdaq last week, has been adjudged the best Indian website by an independent site that ranks Indian websites. Bestindiansites.Com has ranked the Indian websites…

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Mr Dinesh Agarwal, Director, IIL Interview

e 1947 Dinesh Agarwal, CEO, Indiamart Intermesh Ltd on how he went about setting up At a time when virtually nobody in India even heard about the Internet, Dinesh Agarwal had been thinking about setting up a comprehensive website…

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Delhi, April 1, 2000:, to mark its fifth foundation day, has invited students pursuing e-commerce courses from the renowned institution Asset International to visit their corporate office in Delhi to familiarize them with the operational aspects of a Net…

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Personality of the East: Mr Dinesh Agarwal

Shopping Guide, Do you know that a business portal operating from Madhu Vihar is one of the largest portals in India with 1.5 Million page views. Do you also know that three lakh people hit its sites daily and…

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Creative Web Designing skills at IndiaMART

The Telegraph (Graphiti), LOOKS MATTER To emphasise its brand identily, the site on the Freelook range of casual wear ( used features such as ‘shock waves’ animation, a peppy soundtrack and jazzy colours to make the screen come alive visually.

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Business World This column is meant for those who have a business on the ground as well as a website to market that business. You have probably got an outside firm to make your site. That makes sense, because it…

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Cyber Guru

HT City, 1. – It is American news channel CNN’s official site. I find it to be the most reliable for international news, and timely too.

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Online Car Marts

A & M, Will a proper car market come to be on the Internet with prices set by real-time demand and supply? Sounds Cool.

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Virtual Bazaar

HT magazine, From the recreated rusticity of Crafts Museum to handicraft indiamart , our traditional handicrafts arewebsavvy really going places. And if there is anything you have always wanted to know about our tradition of block-printed fabrics, or paper mache,…

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An online gateway to the Indian marketplace

The Economic Times, WHEN DINESH Agarwal was in the US six years ago, a cousin back in India asked him to get all the information he could on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He tried hard telephoning but got little information….

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