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Cyber Guru

HT City, 1. – It is American news channel CNN’s official site. I find it to be the most reliable for international news, and timely too.

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Online Car Marts

A & M, Will a proper car market come to be on the Internet with prices set by real-time demand and supply? Sounds Cool.

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Virtual Bazaar

HT magazine, From the recreated rusticity of Crafts Museum to handicraft indiamart , our traditional handicrafts arewebsavvy really going places. And if there is anything you have always wanted to know about our tradition of block-printed fabrics, or paper mache,…

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An online gateway to the Indian marketplace

The Economic Times, WHEN DINESH Agarwal was in the US six years ago, a cousin back in India asked him to get all the information he could on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He tried hard telephoning but got little information….

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Its Diwali, virtually

Hindustan Times – HT City, Got an international credit card? Then all you need to do is log on to websites like and ‘send’ sweets or dry fruits from Haldiram As cracker sales plummet, Delhities prepare for a low-key…

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Now you can send Diwali Mithai anywhere via

The Asian Age, New Delhi, Nov. 5: Click to cyber sweets. Nostalgia, the ache to be in the midst of festivities and the joy of sending mithai surprises. Each of these is answered by Intermesh Systems’ new website for Diwali….

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Web Solution Developer: Intermesh Systems

PC World, Web Developer Super Guide – By Mirza Wahid Evolving rapidly into a web solutions supermarket, InterMESH Systems claim to fame is, one of the largest Indian business service providers on the Internet and a premier online business…

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Sweet Net Returns

The Economic Times, IN THESE days of the global Indian, you could be well half-way across the world when your family back home is bursting firecrackers and glowing in the celebrations of Diwali. You wish you could send something more…

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Zee News, Zee News Reader: Internet now enables you to send sweets! On a festive occasion, who does not wish to meet ones family and friends? However, due to today’s busy schedule this is not always possible. But now you…

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Travel News – Out & About

Hindustan Times – HT City, Net Travel Log on to for information on travel hotspots, mode of travel, accommodation options… just about everything needed for an Indian vacation, be it adventure tourism, places of worship, water sports, fairs and…

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