IndiaMART Believes In Encouraging The Spirit Of Learning

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”Benjamin Franklin

This is something that IndiaMART as an organization understands and promotes. Encouraging the employees to learn more, acquire more knowledge and break the barriers, has been IndiaMART’s innate goal.

We consider education as an investment and hence over the years we have curated special educational programs that would bolster our employees skill set further. One such immensely successful initiative is iLEAP, that was launched in 2014. Over 400 employees availed this sponsored opportunity, and successfully acquired their desired degree from the best institutions of the country. Through this program we aimed at offering our high-potential employees with a unique opportunity to empower themselves with knowledge, design and develop their existing skills, and enhance their ability for future leadership roles.

Besides this, IndiaMART continued to unearth various other avenues to hone our employees abilities further. With the aim of equipping our
mid- level managers to face bigger challenges at work we wanted to create a program that would take them through a journey that will expand their horizon and broaden their perspective on the overall organization, specifically keeping the internet based service industry in mind.

Hence, with the interest in creating the future leaders, IndiaMART launched the Emerging Leaders’ Development Program (ELDP) in partnership with one of the best institutions of the country, Faculty of Management Studies (FMS). ELDP was a 7 month long program. During this period mid-level managers learnt the trick to augment their managerial skills, decision making skills and develop holistic problem solving capabilities. Varied participants were selected for this program from across the verticals. This helped in promoting cross-learning and cross-functional understanding away from an office environment.

Mr. Sumit Maheshwari, CHRO, IndiaMART
“For most of the candidates this opportunity was very aspirational. An association with an institute of repute was something that did excite a lot of people. With this what came along was a very high expectation about what they will be taught. Hence, we created an extremely focused curriculum, unlike most of the management programs which are more often than not generic in nature and are designed for enabling someone with basic management concepts.”

ELDP was like a case based learning program, and involved people sharing their experiences and their challenges. The curriculum revolved around understanding the importance of managing data and analytics, understanding the customer orientation, and nurturing the problem solving attitude.

Many of the candidates were actually MBA aspirants and they at some point were chasing the ‘red building of dreams’. On receiving this opportunity, the candidates left no stone unturned. Attending all the sessions every Saturday involved a lot of personal investment on the part of the candidates, which they were able to do very successfully. With such an enthusiastic bunch, who are always on the lookout to enrich their knowledge, IndiaMART will never cease to create the best possible opportunities to nurture these minds further.

Hence, let’s Celebrate Learning!