My Forces Have Always Been For Me, This Independence Day #IM4Forces

When we sat down to plan for this Independence Day, we wanted the celebration to be dedicated to the real heroes who have sacrificed their comfort to protect our freedom. Hence we decided to send our messages to our Armed Forced – Indian Army, Navy and Air Force because we strongly believe that we owe our independence to them.

When we looked around we realised that we celebrate even the smallest of our festivities and successes and share our happiness and pride with everyone – friends, family and social media. We party, we click pictures, we post selfies, we write Facebook posts and we celebrate the togetherness. Considering this, we thought to dedicate one day, one picture, one social media post to those who have missed every celebration and festivity to keep ours secure.

We just wanted to show to our soldiers that we care and that we are grateful for what they do for us. Whether it’s 50 degree temperature at the Indo-Pak border in parts of Rajasthan or -50 degree at Siachen, whether it’s a flood or a drought, whether it’s is for a peace keeping mission or for holding the guns tight against the enemies; our men and women in uniform never shy away from standing upright whenever there has been a need. Hence, this independence day we thought to get into action and do the minimum we could do for them. We got ourselves photo-ready to get clicked and put forward the best of our emotions through personalised messages.

Here’s a sneak-peak:

We feel that this is the least that we can do for those who do not think twice before sacrificing their lives to keep us safe. We urge all of you to never shy away from sharing your love and respect for the Forces. If 1.3 Billion countrymen decide to stand with the 4 Million active, reserved and para military personnel, then imagine the strength that we can add to our Forces. This activity of ours was just a small endeavour towards the same. Let each one of us stand in solidarity and tell them that our forces aren’t alone because #IM4Forces.

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