Prayas Interprises is a highly effective marketing tool that can even substitute a marketing team. They will help you get new leads, promote your business and showcase your products.

Mrs. Ami Shah (General Manager, Marketing)
Prayas Enterprises
Maharashtra, 3rd August 2011

Prayas Enterprises Thrives with its IndiaMART-Edge

Prayas Enterprises is one of those family-owned companies that are a group company in the truest sense. It was founded by Mr. Dinesh Shah as a family owned business. Mrs Ami Shah, General Manager, Marketing, Prayas Enterprises rightly positions him as the patriarch of the Shah family as well as the group. His vision has enabled Prayas Enterprises to register growth in tandem with development of India. A modest start was made in 1996, with the setting up of a bulk medical company. Following this, Mr. Shah wisely decided to diversify and enter the world of packaging with rigid packaging materials, convinced of its limitless potential in our country. The real turning point then came in the form of flexible packaging materials manufacturing. A turnover of Rs. 20 lakh in 1999 earned by a team of eight, has now evolved to Rs. 12 crore earned by a group of five sister companies. Prayas Enterprises is the parent company with a staff -strength of 80.

Barely smooth sailing
The hardest aspect of operating a family business is keeping aside personal issues and confronting more pressing challenges. These include financial problems, space constraints despite the drive to expand as well as increasing local and international competition. Mrs. Shah opines, “The best way to compete is to face competition head on. We decided to go back to square one, figure out where we are making loses and are unable to compete, and get rid of hick-ups. This brought us to backward integration. We started manufacturing our own inks and cylinders.” Additionally, by hiring key people in the chain, the company was able to boost production. The next challenge was to increase sales.

Identifying the missing link—an effective marketing tool

During a brainstorming session, the company hit upon the idea that internet is a vital tool enabling presence in domestic and international markets. So when they came across a stall of at an exhibition and learned about the value could add to their business, they decided to get onboard. “We were very comfortable with their ideas and we were looking for something on those lines, so we went ahead and did a one-year contract initially. Now, we cater to international markets like the US, UK, Europe and Africa. I would definitely agree that has helped us move further towards progress,” said Mrs. Shah.

Exploring new growth avenues

According to Mrs. Shah, the packaging industry is highly dynamic. To deal with this, has provided Prayas Enterprises with the promised positioning, because of which they have received several enquiries from India and abroad. By participating in exhibitions, advertising and promoting themselves and directly or indirectly attracting customers, benefits the clients that register with them. “ is a highly effective marketing tool that can even substitute a marketing team. They will help you get new leads, promote your business and showcase your products. My advice to budding entrepreneurs would be to get associated with and benefit from their experience,” she recommended.